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“I can’t understand a word he’s saying”

The boys and I were at the Curtis Memorial Library the other day in the kids’ play area. My 14 month old was chattering away in his little language that only I and Miss Lori from daycare can decipher. A boy my older son was playing with said to me, with a frustrated look, “I can’t understand a word he’s saying.”

This comment made me laugh. I explained that Biz (his actual nickname) was still learning to talk, and that he probably talked like that when he was little. It made me think about all the funny things G, my 4 1/2 year old, has said in the few short years he’s been talking.

He was an early talker, and I wrote down every word he would say until he said so many new words that I couldn’t keep up. All kids say funny things at some point. Here are some of my favorite quotes from G in no particular order:

  • While in the waiting for an ob appointment: “Is her going to pee in a cup?” (re: every pregnant woman who walked by us)
  • After my dad asked me to get a fork for him while I got up from the dinner table to tend to his baby brother: “My mom has two hands and not four.”
  • While watching a Bruins v. Flyers hockey game: “That orange guy just beat up our Bruin. That’s not good.”
  • After telling him to “hold his horses” because he was rushing me out the door: “I can’t mom. My horse ran away.”
  • Loudly and assertively: “Doing?!” (his way of asking what we were doing before he could put an actual sentence together)
  • When he wanted something as a baby: “Habit!” (instead of “have it”)

Some of his best quotes are actually interpretations of songs he hears on the radio. Here are a few fun ones:

  • “Go nothing, Go nothing!” – Kings of Leon’s “Notion” (instead of “So don’t knock it, don’t knock it”)
  • “You know that I could use some bad air!” – Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” (instead of “You know that I could use somebody”)
  • “Mommy, he’s singing about diarrhea.” (with a disgusted look on his face) – Breaking Benjamin’s acoustic version of “Diary of Jane”

Unfortunately, I haven’t been so good with writing down words that Biz says. I think it’s partly because he’s the second child and partly because Biz isn’t as verbal as G was at the same age. (However, Biz definitely has the facial expressions and hand talking down more than G did. Must be the Italian in him.) So, I thought I’d end this post with all the words I’ve deciphered from Biz at some point over the past few months that I can remember. Here goes – yay, mama/mom/mommy, dad/daddy/da, dog, woof, meow, up/uppy, moo, uh oh, bird, lolly (for lollipop), no, hi, hello, bye, nigh nigh (for night night), dat (for that), light, sssssss (snake sound), oo oo (monkey sound). Judging from his babbling, I have a feeling we’re going to have some pretty good quotes from him in about 3 1/2 years.

P.S. (3/3/10) I have to admit that I’ve come back to this post several times since I wrote it to add words I remember that Biz has said. I guess I’m not giving him enough credit for being verbal. Sure, some of these words have only been uttered once or twice and most have only been heard by me or Miss Lori. I hear them, though, and others will eventually.

What to do if you drop food on the floor, a flow chart

Ever drop food on the floor and wonder if you should pick it up and eat it? Do you go by the 5 second rule? Do you factor in the last time you actually mopped the floor? Are you more picky if it’s your child eating said food (be honest)? Here’s a flow chart that all of us can use. I found it via a link in a newsletter from NTEN. Note that all bets are off when bacon is involved.
food on the floor

Rockin’ Valentine’s Day

I think I might be aging out of some of the rock shows I attend. I find myself increasingly annoyed by the lead singers who insist on barking out orders to me during their set. I’m never loud enough. I sit in my seat too much. And I need to sing their songs to them. (Wait. Didn’t I just pay $40 to hear you sing your songs?)

My husband and I enjoyed a rare evening out on Valentine’s Day. Not because it was Valentine’s Day, and we were celebrating our love. No, the Breaking Benjamin concert just happened to coincide with the holiday.

While Three Days Grace actually headlined the show, we went for Breaking Benjamin and Flyleaf. It was the third time we’ve seen Breaking Benjamin. The first time I saw them, I was 20 weeks pregnant with my first son. I find each time I see them in concert, I like them more. I always love a band that sounds even better live than they do on their albums. I only wish they were on the stage longer. Ben Burnley’s voice is strong and commanding and can go from sweet to maniacal in a matter of seconds. He got the crowd involved, but he focused on playing rock music. Flyleaf was pretty good too. I love that Lacey Mosley came out in a lacy white dress over jeans and screamed her guts out. I guess that’s why Three Days Grace was so annoying to me.

Don’t get me wrong, Three Days Grace sounded pretty good. I knew most of their songs since they get a lot of airplay on the radio. They just went through every rock show cliche there is. There was lots of crowd singing because “If you don’t know this song, I don’t know where you’ve been.” There was a competition to see which side of the Cumberland County Civic Center could sing the loudest melodies, which were repeated after Adam Grontier in a progression of ahs and ohs. There was fire. At one point, Adam Grontier appeared on a platform in the middle of the civic center. There was even a rotating drum set.

Anyone remember Motley Crue’s Dr. Feelgood tour? That’s what it reminded me of. Then I realized that I was about 14 or 15 when I went to that concert. (What were my parents thinking?) Most of the people around me on Sunday were probably closer to that age than to mine. Not that I think thirty-somethings should stay at home and stick to listening to music on the iPod or anything. My husband and I were singing louder than most of the crowd while Breaking Benjamin was on. (We were probably a few of the only ones who could sing along to their sweet version of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” as well.) It just seems like we’re not quite in the target audience of some of the bands these days.

I don’t hate everything about you. My house is a home. And I have no interest in starting a riot. However, we did note that our 14 month old would probably find the song “Let’s Start a Riot” both catchy and inspirational.

Here are a few bad pics I took with my cell phone. Note the safe distance from the floor where all the crowd surfing was happening.


Flyleaf at the Cumberland County Civic Center, 2/14/10

Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin at the Cumberland County Civic Center, 2/10/10