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i heart jenniferChances are, if you were born in the 70s, you know a bunch of people named Jennifer. According to Wikipedia, Jennifer was the single most popular name for American girls from 1970 to 1984. If you’re a Jennifer, you’re probably used to being defined by the first letter in your last name. (I was Jen I for years. I am now Jen B.)

So, here I am, another Jennifer writing another blog. (I have no doubt there are many other Jennifers with blogs.) While I’m not entirely sure what this blog will be about, it’ll most likely be influenced by the fact that I am a happily married working mom of two boys (4 1/2 and 14 months as I write this) and two Siberian Huskies in the beautiful town of Brunswick, Maine. And, I have opinions and observations. Lots of them. But, that’s why we have blogs, right?

Looking for more? Here are 15 random things about me:

1. I am really good at multi-tasking.

2. I am inspired by bold colors and bold statements.

3. I am drawn to people with strong convictions. Even if I don’t agree with them, I love that they have them.

4. I love vintage advertising and mid-century modern design.

5. I was a metalhead in jr high / high school. I stayed up late on Saturday nights to watch the Headbangers Ball in my parents’ basement.

6. I love going to concerts. I’ve seen the Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Elton John, Tina Turner, Tom Petty, Neil Young, The Scorpions, Van Halen, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi (multiple times), George Michael (multiple times), Skid Row, Guster (you can see me in their DVD briefly), Counting Crows, Rob Zombie, Sting (at the Royal Albert Hall in London), Breaking Benjamin, to name just a few random shows. My first concert was Tiffany when I was 12. (Yes, I just admitted that.)

7. My first job after college was as a hotdogger for Oscar Mayer. I drove the Oscar Mayer weinermobile from Madison, Wisconsin to Memphis, TN and back auditioning kids to be in the next TV commercial at baseball parks, zoos and military bases. I can’t wait to tell my kids all my stories about that summer. (I don’t think they quite believe me yet.)

8. I have the best husband in the world. He is my best friend, and he’s the best dad. He cooks, does the grocery shopping and truly understands me. What else could I ever ask for?

9. I have two beautiful sons who I am more proud of than I could ever explain.

10. I love my job and love the fact that I can balance it with my life as a mom.

11. My husband and I met at Syracuse University as freshmen. We lived across the hall from each other.

12. I will never forget having to pull my car over the day that the Columbine HS shootings happened. The radio station was playing Amazing Grace. I was within 5-10 miles of the school at the time.

13. My favorite football player is Ray Lewis. I’m not sure why I’m mentioning this, but I really admire his intensity. I wonder what the world would be like if everyone had that kind of intensity.

14. When I graduated from college, I had it in my head that I would work for a professional sports team. I worked for 2 and realized the long hours, crappy pay and testosterone overload were not for me.

15. I don’t like pie. I’m sorry. I just don’t.

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