This too shall pass

I hate it when people set up their blog and leave the default test post up for others to see. So, while I figure out the set up of this blog, I thought I’d post the OK Go video for the song “This Too Shall Pass.” OK Go is known for their crazy creative videos, and this one delivers. It was shot live and features the Notre Dame marching band. (The only thing that would make it better is if it featured the Syracuse University marching band, my alma mater. You can’t have everything, I suppose.)

Originally, I was going to name this blog This Too Shall Pass. As in, the kids won’t give you ten minutes to write a quick blog post. This too shall pass. The dogs are howling outside as the baby cries, and you’re handling raw meat in the kitchen. This too shall pass. Your four year old is pointing out every character flaw. This too shall pass. Alas, many other people and organizations seem to like this phrase and are already using it. I guess it wasn’t too creative. Much like my parents who named me Jennifer. (Not their fault. I don’t think they realized how very popular it really was at the time. I’m thinking there will be a few Abigails out there in about 25 years complaining about the same thing.)

Anyway, the blog is called Another Jennifer because that is what I am. That won’t pass, but I can embrace it and hope the co-workers I’ve been working with for more than three years can finally learn that I don’t work in HR. (That’s the other Jen.)

Here’s where I would embed the video for This Too Shall Pass. However, both WordPress and OK Go have made it impossible to embed directly into the post. (Insert explicative here.) Instead, I’ll have to leave you with a link. Hopefully you’ll follow it (and this blog, eventually). It’s worth the trip.

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass from OK Go on Vimeo.

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